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Ocean Electric Co.

Wiring & Electrical Service/Maintenance

Keep the power on safely and efficiently by using the electrical services of Ocean Electric Co. in Freeport, New York. For more than half a century, we've served Long Island with licensed master electricians who can perform profesional work on all projects from residential homes to factories and computer rooms. Our clients include:

Retail & Chain Stores | Restaurants | Franchise Businesses | Factories | Heath Care Facilities | Trucking Firms | Airlines | Shopping Centers | Apartment Houses | Condos | One- & Two-Family Homes | Building Management Companies

meter bank house

Residential Home

Lighting and Building Maintenance 

Our team works with all kinds of light fixtures, including high efficiency no maintenance LED, fluorescent, incandescent, high and low pressure sodium, metal halide, and mercury vapor options. We also offer sales, service, and installation of attic ventilators that will protect your property and cut your utility bills. 

Some other services we can provide:

Peripheral Wiring & LAN Wiring | Machinery Wiring | Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) | Central Air Conditioning | Boilers | Warm Air Furnaces | Water Heaters | Pools | Temporary Wiring | Generator inlets & Wiring | Retro-fit Circuit Breaker Panels 

Emergency Lighting 

We also offer annual testing of emergency lighting and exit signs as required by the fire marshal and most insurance companies. This testing is mandated by NFPA 70 Article 700.4 test and maintenance. 

   Exit Sign

Annual testing of emergency lighting and exit signs as required by fire marshal. As per NFPA 70 Article 700.4 test and maintenance.


elliminate the use extension cords to your appliances during a power outage and Power your home or building safely by feeding power directly into your circuit breaker panel with a proffesionally intalled Generator Inlet box

Electric Panel