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Long Island Plumbing Repair, Service, Maintenance & Piping

Keep your home or business in good shape with plumbing services from Centre Plumbing & Heating Co. in Freeport, New York. Our team offers all types of plumbing repair, service, maintenance, and piping for both residential, commercial and industrial customers, including water filtration systems. Call us any time of the day or night if you need frozen pipes thawed or repaired. We service:

Residential Bathrooms & Kitchens | Hot & Cold Water Piping | Commercial Boilers | Process Piping | Hydronic Heating | Steam Heating | Pipe Thawing | Residential Boilers | Compressed Air | Sewage Ejectors | Oxygen Lines | Natural Gas & Propane

Residential Bathtub Install

pipesWall-Hung condensing Boiler 


Multi-Stage Commercial Boiler

pipe repair

Copper piping using Pro Press Fittings

pipe repair
Water Meter Replacement

sewer pipePiping for Cooling water in a local factory 
sewage ejectorCommercial Sewage ejector being removed for repair. sewer pipe repair
Repaired sewer pipe in ventilated area while store remained open. Customers did not see any work being performed.
small boilerResidential Boiler Install