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How a fire sprinkler system works?

How a fire sprinkler system works

How fire sprinklers work Contrary to what is often depicted in movies, automatic fire sprinkler systems do not release water throughout the entire building all at once. Sprinkler heads are activated individually by the fire. When the heat of a fire raises the ceiling temperature to the sprinkler head’s operating point (usually 165º F), a solder link will melt or a liquid-filled glass bulb will shatter to open that single sprinkler head, releasing water directly over the source of the heat. The sprinkler heads are tied into a network of piping with water under pressure. As the automatic fire sprinkler system is activated, an alarm is sounded to alert the building occupants and the fire department (if monitored) of its activation.

Fire sprinkler testing and Maintenance

Fire sprinkler inspection and maintenance requirements The fire sprinkler system, like other systems, need to be inspected, tested and maintained to ensure it will function in the event of a fire. The Nassau County Fire Prevention Ordinance requires fire sprinklers systems to undergo a "Functionality Test" every 5 Years. According to NFPA, the leading factor in unsatisfactory sprinkler performance includes the failure to maintain operational status of the sprinkler system. Examples of this are inadequate maintenance, obstruction of the water distribution, and a frozen system. There is a difference between an inspection, a test and maintenance.

• An inspection is a visual examination of a water-based fire protection system or portion thereof to verify that it appears to be in an operating condition and free of physical damage.
• A test is a procedure used to determine the status of a system as intended by conducting periodic physical checks (hands-on).
• Maintenance is work performed to keep equipment operable or to make repairs. Although sprinkler system inspections could be conducted by qualified school district maintenance personnel, it is recommended that sprinkler system testing and maintenance be done by a licensed sprinkler company.